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White spots on teeth are usually one of the causes of consultation that patients make in our dental clinic. As we are specialists in implantology, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in Las Palmas, we want to give you information about this type of stains on teeth that can affect your smile or that of a family member, so you can avoid it or treat it as appropriate.

Having white spots on teeth not only affects the aesthetic level. The cause should be investigated to rule out pathologies or treat them if necessary, as well as to give the patient back a beautiful and natural smile.

Why do I have white spots on my teeth?

If your teeth suffer from white stains, it can be due to different causes. Each case is individual and, at Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we always carry out an exhaustive study of each case. However, we will mention the most frequent causes for which patients suffer this aesthetic defect to help understand what the causes may be.

  • Dental hypoplasia: insufficient mineralization in the process in which the permanent teeth are formed.
  • Decalcification: is the lack of calcium that results in white spots in specific areas of the teeth.
  • Caries: there is a type of caries that appears in the form of white spots in its initial phase.
  • Fluorosis: excess fluoride during childhood causes white stains on the teeth.
  • Consumption of some medications that cause this dental defect.

White spots and orthodontics.

Some patients who have received fixed orthodontic treatments, known as braces, have the false belief that the white spots have been generated by the braces, so it is important to clarify in this point that there is no relationship between the white spots on the teeth and any remaining elements that may have been left because of having worn braces.

Braces do not cause white spots on teeth. Poor hygiene during treatment can produce these spots that may be an indication that a new cavity is going to form, and therefore be an incipient cavity.

If you are considering any orthodontic treatment, this is not a problem as long as you maintain good hygiene or know about alternative orthodontics. Invisalign invisible orthodontics allows teeth cleaning without concerns as it is a type of orthodontics with removable aligners that you can take off when eating and cleaning your mouth.

How to avoid white spots on teeth

The best way to avoid any dental pathology is to maintain good dental hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. For this reason, at Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we carry out regular check-ups and hygiene in order to avoid or solve this type of dental pathology in time. 

Treatment for white stains on teeth

– In patients who suffer from white stains on their teeth due to lack of fluoride, a treatment with this mineral can help reduce discoloration.

If it is demineralization in the process of formation of permanent teeth or in the case of stains on the teeth due to the consumption of medication it is difficult to restore the natural color of the teeth, so it is recommended, depending on the case, to carry out a whitening always supervised by a specialist or to proceed to the placement of dental veneers.

– In cases where the white spots on the teeth are already cavities, treatment is needed as soon as possible, so the patient is treated with a process of microabrasion. Microabrasion involves removing the layers of defective enamel from the most superficial layer of the tooth, where the tooth is then reconstructed, if necessary, with composite.

Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic is characterized by giving a multidisciplinary treatment, assessing each case from all the dental specialties we have. Aesthetic defects in the teeth, whether due to white spots or other types of stains, affect the patient not only at a superficial level, so that sometimes feeling self-confident or transmitting a good feeling can also be achieved by getting a smile that represents the person. We do not only treat teeth, we treat people and each individual case.

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