Teeth whitening in Las Palmas


Sometimes we are not happy with the appearance of our teeth. Luckily, one of the most common solutions is at our fingertips: whitening. If you want more information about teeth whitening in Las Palmas read on.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that improves the color of the smile. It is a safe and simple procedure with which we manage to reduce the shade of the teeth and, thus, obtain a whiter tooth color to show off a nice and natural smile.

Teeth are whitened thanks to the application of a substance that filters through the structure of the tooth, breaking down the pigments into simpler, colorless molecules. In this way, the treated teeth are whitened. Before performing any type of dental whitening, professional dental hygiene is performed to ensure a hygienic and plaque-free mouth and a previous check-up by a professional to ensure the health of the tooth and that the patient can undergo this treatment.

What does Philips Zoom teeth whitening consist of?

Philips Zoom teeth whitening is based on the application of LED light on the tooth surfaces which have the whitening agent, so that this light activates the agent making the whitening in an effective way and an effect is achieved more quickly. This whitening is performed in the dental clinic by protecting other tissues such as gum. The application of this whitening agent on the vestibular surface of the teeth combined with the Philips Zoom LED light, enhances the effect of the product. The procedure usually lasts 1 hour.

When is this treatment indicated?

Whitening is usually indicated for patients who are unhappy with the color of their teeth. In addition, it is mainly recommended where there is tooth discoloration, such as from aging or light staining.

Teeth whitening price Las Palmas

Therefore, if you wish to improve your smile, do not hesitate to contact our professionals for a personalized budget.

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