Diseño de sonrisa Las Palmas


What is smile design?

Digital Smile Design is a system that allows us to design the ideal smile considering the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. Using the initial information obtained, we carry out an aesthetic, facial and dental study that is individual for each patient and thus, through this study, we transfer all this information to a digital system that will allow us to draw the ideal smile that the patient can see at the moment in a digitized form. 

In addition, this process allows us to directly test the design in the patient’s mouth, without altering any teeth, in a single appointment. The patient will be able to see the final result.

Who performs the DSD study?

This design is performed by Dr. Paola Laguarda, a specialist in oral rehabilitation and esthetics. Before performing any treatment we study the patient’s needs, desires and initial state. To do this we take a series of photographs, video, radiographs and a scan of the patient’s mouth to have all the information and thus be able to make the design and to transmit it to the patient.

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