Dentistas en Las Palmas


Dentists in Las Palmas

As we have explained in previous articles, our dentists in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria have the mission to ensure the dental health of our patients, monitoring the teeth and gums, always preventing, diagnosing and treating dental problems they present.

To do this, our dentists in Las Palmas attend courses and are in continuous training, they know the necessary and updated techniques to carry out the best treatments, always seeking to achieve success.

Functions of our dentists in Las Palmas

Our dentists in Las Palmas are in charge of the oral health of all patients who come to the office. They seek, from prevention, to respond to the needs of patients. To do this it is necessary to connect and know how to interpret their needs. We try to provide security and tranquility from the first moment, offering the treatment that best suits the needs of our patients. 

We could say that the most popular treatments in Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic are, without a doubt:

  1. Dental implants: metal pieces that are placed in the bone and replace the roots of the teeth. Implants are used to rehabilitate missing teeth.
  2. Invisible orthodontics: it allows us to align the teeth in a simple and almost invisible way, using a sequence of aligners that changes our specialist, Dr. Concha Gross, Invisalign Specialist, who has the category Invisalign Diamond by the number of cases treated.
  3. Dental aesthetics and DSD: treatments highly demanded by patients seeking to have a more beautiful, harmonious and natural smile. That thanks to our technology, our patients can see how their future smile will be.

Our team of dentists places great emphasis on oral care and prevention. We seek, from education and regular checkups, to diagnose problems and pathologies in an early stage before more aggressive treatments are needed.

For this reason, in Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we always recommend going for consultation and review with our specialized dentists in Las Palmas because thanks to this we can advise you on what procedures and what treatments will help you prevent possible diseases, malocclusions or oral-dental health problems in the future.

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