Tratamiento multidisciplinar estética

Sometimes, after completing an orthodontic treatment, it may be necessary to perform aesthetic treatments such as dental veneers or periodontics to treat excessive gum growth, which is very common in these patients during treatment. Collaboration between specialists and planning through digital dentistry can be the key to achieving excellent results in the completion of orthodontic treatment.

Why are veneers necessary to complete some orthodontic cases?

Veneers can help us, in many cases, to improve some aesthetic aspects of the smile. Thanks to them we can solve various problems (alterations in the shape or color of the teeth) that sometimes limit and compromise the final results of orthodontic treatment.

What can we improve by using veneers?

-Alterations in tooth color, white spots or stains.

-Shape alterations. 

-Size alterations.

-Position alterations.

– Periodontal problems in which the patient has lost supporting bone and black spaces form when the teeth are brought closer together in the gingival portion.

Imagen de los pasos a pasos de las carillas

Why is digital odontology important?

Because before starting the treatment we must know how we are going to finish it. Therefore, we will leave the space correctly distributed so that the aesthetic specialist will be able to give the right shape and size to the tooth to be reconstructed according to the ideal proportions. Digital dentistry, thanks to the use of the intraoral scanner, allows us to evaluate and plan each individual case, anticipating the results of the treatment.

At the Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we have an intraoral scanner that, among other things, allows us to plan your case of orthodontics and aesthetics by scanning your mouth to determine the appropriate dimensions that your teeth should have and to make a correct distribution of the spaces. You will also be able to see how the dental veneers will look like and it will help you decide before starting the treatment.

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