Blanqueamiento dental Las Palmas


Blanqueamiento dental Las Palmas

Internal whitening is a technique in dental aesthetics that allows us to recover the lost white color of an endodontic tooth. When a tooth is subjected to a root canal treatment or has suffered a trauma where the vitality of a tooth has been lost, generally this tooth tends to darken. The longer it has been in this situation, the more it will darken.

This darkening is due to the process that the tooth undergoes in its interior when the dentist treats the nerve or when it suffers the loss of its vitality. It is very common to find teeth in the anterior sector with these internal discolorations. Especially because they are in a sector where most traumas occur.

Because they are internal, they do not affect the external surface of the enamel, so a generalized or common clinical whitening would not achieve any result. Internal whitening returns the tooth to its natural color through a simple process without anesthesia, totally painless. Depending on the cause, the professional will decide which technique is appropriate for each case.

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