Enfermedad de las encias


Enfermedad de las encias

Halitosis is characterized by bad breath or unpleasant breath odor that can be temporary or chronic, affecting 25% of the population usually over 50 years of age.

Normally, the cause of halitosis may be the presence of chronic gastritis or it may also be due to an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth due to lack of brushing, triggering a periodontal disease. In these cases, the bad odor of the mouth is produced by bacterial decomposition of food debris between the teeth, saliva, cells of the oral mucosa or blood.

A chronic accumulation of bacteria due to lack of brushing is a risk factor for periodontal disease, which is why if a patient has halitosis it indicates that he/she is at high risk of suffering from periodontal disease or pyorrhea.

The treatment of halitosis due to oral bacterial accumulation with or without periodontal disease involves a visit to the dental clinic, so that after a review by the specialist, a dental hygienist or periodontist will carry out the treatment based on the condition of the patient. It may involve oral hygiene instructions and/or periodontal treatment, which is just a deep cleaning treatment of the gums performed by the specialist. Also, other recommendations will be given, such as avoiding tobacco, alcohol, coffee and foods with an intense taste or odor, such as garlic, which enhance halitosis.

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