Full-arch rehabilitation with dental implants : All-on-4 in Las Palmas

The Caballero de Rodas dental clinic is undoubtedly a national reference in terms of the All-on-4 technique in implantology, even though it is located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

The All-on-4 technique consists on rehabilitating complete arches with dental implants in a fixed way and thus avoiding the uncomfortable removable dentures.

By strategically placing 4 dental implants in the maxilla, 2 straight implants and 2 angled implants, we are able to place an immediate prosthesis (fixed teeth) screwed and fixed in less than 8 hours.

To be able to perform this technique, indicated especially in patients with little bone, we need to perform a 3-dimensional X-ray, a CT scan, to see the amount of bone available and plan the placement of implants.

We always recommend performing this surgery with Intravenous Conscious Sedation, for the patient’s tranquility and the benefits both in surgery and post-surgery.

The procedure to be able to perform the All-on-4 technique, with immediate dental implants and fixed teeth on the same day would be the following:

  • Performing a CT scan in our dental clinic in Las Palmas to confirm treatment and placement of dental implants and taking measurements and photographic records to make the immediate provisional prosthesis (fixed teeth).
  • Scheduling of the surgery leaving a period of 10 days from the taking of models to the date of the surgery.
  • Receiving and sending the analysis to the anesthesiologist to confirm parameters.
  • Day of surgery: placement of dental implants, adaptation of the fixed prosthesis and placement of fixed teeth in less than 8 hours.

ZYGOMATIC IMPLANTS for extreme cases of lack of bone.

Dr. Caballero de Rodas, a national reference in these surgeries, is a specialist in rehabilitating extreme cases due to lack of bone. For these cases, we need to use zygomatic implants, dental implants longer than the conventional ones that we anchor in the malar bone (or zygomatic bone) achieving stability and allowing us to anchor fixed teeth the same day of the surgery. This type of rehabilitation is necessary in people who, either because of age or because of years of continuous use of removable prosthesis, have lost a lot of bone support, making it impossible to place traditional dental implants.

In cases where we have to rehabilitate molars or areas of the posterior sector, it is often not possible to place the crowns on the fly. This is due to the masticatory force that we exert with the molars and how micro traumas from chewing could damage the stability and integration of the implants in the bone.

In Las Palmas, Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic is a pioneer in the placement of these implants, in most cases in our facilities and always under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

We can distinguish between the rehabilitation with 2 zygomatic dental implants and 2 conventional dental implants, which we call All-on-4 Hybrid, and the rehabilitation with 4 zygomatic dental implants, All-on.4 Quad Zygomas. In both cases, patients will have the possibility of having fixed teeth screwed on the implants from the same day of surgery.

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