Braces. Fixed Orthodontics IN LAS PALMAS

Fixed orthodontics could be defined as the correction of teeth by means of traditional braces, whether aesthetic or metallic, which we place on each tooth in the mouth and through a sequence of changing arches and ligatures, the orthodontist moves the teeth until they reach the desired position.

Currently, orthodontics is demanded by both children and adults, and depending on the case and the patient, this type of orthodontics may be more or less advisable.

To assess whether you need orthodontics, the first thing you need to do at Caballero de Rodas is to have a study carried out, which consists of:

  • taking digital models
  • recording of intra- and extra-oral photographs
  • radiographic study

With this information, Dr. Gross de Bethencourt, our specialist in this area, with a long career and training, will study the needs of this orthodontic treatment and plan your case.

In children, a visit to the orthodontist from 5-6 years of age is very important. Often, with fixed or removable appliances, orthodontists are able to influence and help the bone growth of the maxilla and mandible to go in unison to avoid future problems in adulthood. Dr. Gross always tries to place orthodontics or fixed appliances in children looking for the greatest effect in the shortest time possible to avoid overly long treatments. Often, it is necessary to combine braces in a first phase, which influence bone growth, and a second phase with braces that align the permanent teeth.

In adults, with fixed orthodontics we can align the teeth, but without influencing the bone structures. Often, and depending on the general condition of the mouth and the gums in particular, removable orthodontics with Invisalign aligners, in our case, will be more indicated, as they allow movements to be carried out more smoothly and facilitate the cleaning and hygiene of teeth and gums.

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