Dental aesthetics Las Palmas

Dental aesthetics is one of the main areas of work of our dental clinic Caballero de Rodas in Las Palmas and we have a team of professionals who will provide the best possible service.

What is dental aesthetics?

Dental aesthetics is one of the branches of dentistry that deals with problems related to the visual aspect of the teeth. One of the objectives of this area is to achieve the perfect smile. This type of treatment is performed when there is some asymmetry in the teeth, visible cavities, fractures, etc..

Why resort to these dental treatments?

The smile is practically the first thing we see when we meet a person. For this reason it is of great importance in first impressions and in relationships. In addition, it has a great health importance, since bad teeth can affect our health in many ways. This is why in our dental aesthetics clinic in Las Palmas we recommend this type of treatment and we give great importance to it.

Main dental aesthetic treatments

Most of these treatments are usually performed to improve the appearance of the client’s smile. The main treatments are:

teeth whitening

One of the most common and most requested treatments due to its speed and final result, achieving a spectacular white tone in teeth.

dental implants

Thanks to these implants you will be able to smile without any gap in your teeth. Once the implant has been integrated into the bone surface, reconstruction can take place.


Focused on improving a bad bite and aligning the patient’s teeth. In our clinic we have invisible treatments, such as INVISALIGN, thanks to which the process will go unnoticed.


It seeks to treat receding gums by contouring them and thus achieving a visually more aesthetic dentition.

Our dental aesthetics in Las Palmas

In our clinic Caballero de Rodas we have a complete team of experts, who are responsible for advising the patient and perform the necessary treatment with impeccable results, thus achieving the smile you deserve.

We seek to work with the most innovative technology focused on dental aesthetics. That is why we have a complex software with which we plan the dental treatment, in this way we perform an Aesthetic Study where you can see, very close to reality, the result of the treatment before it has been performed.

If you are interested in learning more about our cosmetic dentistry service in Las Palmas contact us and we will take care of getting the smile you are looking for.

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