Tratamiento de caries


Tratamiento de caries

Obturations, also known as dental fillings, are processes that are carried out to restore a tooth affected by caries or other diseases that cause cavities or fractures on it.

In Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we are specialists in implantology, aesthetics and oral restoration, so we want to give you more information about the treatment of dental filling, as before starting any of the treatments to get a beautiful and natural smile we must rule out or treat oral pathologies.

What is a dental filling?

Dental obturation is well known by patients as “dental filling”. It is the treatment applied to patients who are affected by caries or other pathologies that generate a cavity.

The purpose of the filling is to restore the anatomy of the tooth. In cases where the anatomy is affected by a gap or a fracture, this procedure consists of filling the cavity and cleaning the bacteria that nest in it in order to restore the tooth, as well as its shape and function.

What types of fillings are the most common?

Different techniques and materials can be used to restore the tooth structure. The filling can be direct or indirect, depending on the size of the affected tooth. Both cases are minor outpatient procedures, in which local anesthesia is applied to avoid discomfort but have no major complications.

Direct filling

These are simple lesions that require only one visit to the dental office. A single session is enough to proceed to apply the entire treatment, whatever the material used. The best example is a simple filling, in which most of the anatomy of the tooth is preserved.

Indirect filling

This type requires more than one visit to the dental office. In the case of larger lesions, these types of fillings are associated with crown or inlay treatments to restore the patient’s complete tooth. On occasion, the conditions involve a large part of the tissue, which requires some type of aesthetic and functional finishing. In Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic, pioneers in technology, we have the possibility of doing it in a single clinical session and in a very comfortable way for the patient by means of CAD-CAM technology.

There are also different materials with which to perform these restorations. In Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we work with two types: composite and porcelain.

Dental filling with composite

Composite is a mixture of resins widely used in dentistry for dental restorations. It is the most used material for fillings because it is durable and the color favors dental aesthetics.

Dental filling with porcelain

Porcelain inlays are small and are embedded in the cusp of the teeth, while porcelain onlays are larger and cover a large part of the outer surface of the tooth. Porcelain finishes are very aesthetic and resistant.

Dental filling and aesthetics

Dental filling is a common procedure in dentistry since caries is one of the most frequent diseases. The big problem that can arise is that this treatment must be applied to a visible area of the mouth, that is, to teeth that are exposed when speaking or smiling.

How to avoid dental fillings?

The best way to avoid this type of treatment is to avoid cavities and other pathologies that can result in cavities in the teeth. To do so, it is important to maintain good habits such as the ones we recommend below:

– Establish a good routine of complete dental hygiene, using complements to brushing such as mouthwash and dental floss.

– Have regular check-ups at your trusted dental clinic.

– Avoid foods with high sugar content.

In Caballero de Rodas Dental Clinic we encourage healthy habits such as sports and a balanced diet, as well as the realization of hygiene and regular checkups to avoid future pathologies.

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