Carillas dentales Las Palmas

What are dental veneers? Veneers are thin plates that are adhered to the outer surface of the tooth to hide imperfections in


One of the most requested demands today in the dental clinic Caballero de Rodas, in Las Palmas, is the closure of diastemas,

Ortodoncia Invisalign Las Palmas

How can Invisalign improve my teeth? Invisalign invisible orthodontics is a technique that allows teeth to be aligned by means of transparent

Cidado dental

How does sugar affect our teeth? We know that excess sugar is detrimental to our health in general and to our mouth

Mujer con miedo al dentista


What is the fear of the dentist? Odontophobia or fear of the dentist is a fairly widespread phobia among patients. Almost 15%

Dentista profesional en Las Palmas

Dr. Caballero de Rodas was born in Las Palmas in 1977. Grandson of Dr. Ramirez, surgeon and co-founder of the Santa Catalina

Blanqueamiento dental Las Palmas

Internal whitening is a technique in dental aesthetics that allows us to recover the lost white color of an endodontic tooth. When

Higiene dental en Las Palmas

The best way to prevent oral problems such as caries, halitosis, tartar, gingivitis or periodontal disease is with good oral hygiene and

Enfermedad de las encias

Halitosis is characterized by bad breath or unpleasant breath odor that can be temporary or chronic, affecting 25% of the population usually

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